Who is Fast Food Photography for?

The course was specifically designed for Food Truck, Cottage Business, and other Small Food Business owners who want to:

  • Increase their revenue and customer engagement through social media

  • Learn lighting, composition, and editing techniques to take better photos of their food using only a smartphone

  • Discover how to connect with their customers and share their unique story

If you want a curated course that includes all the info you need, and nothing you don't, so you can get the results you want without spending excess time and money, YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

How long is the course?

The course includes an introduction, four teaching modules, and a quick conclusion. I recommend dedicating three weeks to mastering all the content but you could complete it in two weeks if you're a fast learner. You can take the course at your own pace and you have lifetime access so feel free to come back and revisit lessons as needed!

Will the course expire?

Nope! You have lifetime access and you can come back and re-take any modules at any time.

Will there be more advanced courses available?

Absolutely! I'm currently working on a few more courses to add to the collection so stay tuned. :) My current students will receive exclusive discounts on future courses as well!


Hello there! I'm Lindsey. 🙂

I’m a wife, Mom of two, and I've worked in the Creative Industry for over 15 years.

I started as a Graphic Designer in 2009 and transitioned to Food Photography in 2017.

Food Photography started as a way to increase the quality of the images for a baking business I help my Mom run but it quickly became a critical part of my recovery from disordered eating. After experiencing such a profound change I pivoted my entire focus to Food Photography!

I know food photography and social media can be intimidating especially when you're already so busy running your business. I want to eliminate your frustrations with photography, reduce the overwhelming feeling associated with creating consistent social media content, and give you the confidence to transform your business on social media!